Customized Services

Move-ins & Move-outs

We know how important it is for landlords, property owners and tenants to have a clean apartment at the end of a lease or the beginning of a new one. Landlords/Property owners refer us to their tenants as the acceptable standard of cleaning and thus guarantee the tenants their security deposit when moving out.

Tenants moving into a new space can also rest assured that with MayLav Elite Cleaning they will be going into a clean apartment/house.

Sorting & Organizing

MayLav Cleaners is aware of how exhausting redesigning your home, seasonal cleaning and
your other work commitments can be. We work with each client and design a solid plan that addresses sorting/organizing needs. We also offer suggestions and guidance on creative ways to sort and organize. This service can be paired with any of the other MayLav services to ensure 100% satisfaction from clients.

Ask us for spring or fall cleaning as needed.